With the evolving COVID-19 crisis, customers have to deal daily with emergency needs, for instance, to get fast access to the right suppliers, to identify risks and also look for alternative sources. They have the duty to prepare the ground for recovery and, of course, they must support economic activity…


The Snowflake platform provides a simple

and elastic alternative for SAP customers that simultaneously ensures an organization’s critical information is protected. Snowflake was built from scratch to run in the cloud — whether it’s Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud…

Announcing our Snowflake Partnership

We believe Snowflake is the best data warehouse on the market today. We love the way that it makes data warehousing easy for everyone. Smaller organisations no longer need to use Excel as a database, while larger enterprises no longer need to suffer the pain of…

S2 Integrators

S2Integrators LLC (S2) founded by a team of highly experienced next-generation professionals, in 2016 at Atlanta, with a key focus on Customer Experience.

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